We create videos for the most ambitious brands. With heap loads of creativity and personality, we aim to make your brand engaging, efficient and interesting. We are Half Cut.


As a group of camera nerds, we know what tools we’ll need for each production. We’ll show up, change lenses loads and get the best footage possible for your video.


CHOP, CHOP, CHOP. No, that’s not Gordon Ramsey, that’s us snipping that footage together to make an exciting, engaging edit.


Effects and grading are baked in to every video production we make. We’ll do things to your logo that you couldn’t even imagine.

What are you after?


Half Cut have been a delight to work with. Their original ideas and presentation are outstanding and they are always friendly and outgoing, putting staff and students at their ease in every filming session.

Sarah Dunscombe-Berry
Liverpool John Moores University

Not only was I absolutely blown away by the obvious amount of work Half Cut put into the video, but also the look, feel and quality far, far exceeded my wildest dreams – and I’ve dreamt about unicorns with children’s faces.

Rack & Dollar

Came across the lads for a one-off filming project and they’ve been the best find for our visual promotions. We have since used them a dozen times and will continue to do so. Easy to work with, polite, friendly and most importantly, they have a great creative eye.

Matt Brinkler
Red Entertainment

It’s sometimes hard to get your own ideas across to someone else so they can create what you have in mind, but these guys got it with ease. Everything I was looking for was taken on board, delivered and then made significantly better than I could ever have pictured myself.

Mike Waywell
Steel Habitat

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